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7 Most Commonly Used Germs Spot You Never Notice

That's especially true if you haven't clipped your nails lately, or if you sport some bling. Research from the University of Nebraska suggests that people who wear rings or keep their fingernails 2 millimeters or longer tend to carry more microbes on their mitts. "My opinion is that the easier it is to clean your hands, the better off you are," says study author Mark E. Rupp, MD, professor and chief of the division of infectious disease at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.


1. Keyboard - Used by multiple hands and you can't force others to use your keyboard if required.


2. TV Remote - Used by all family members, specially kids who never love to wash their hands. 


3. Flight Desk -You never know for what it was used by last passenger, may be they have changed their baby diaper using this desk.


4. Bank notes -It travels through multiple hands, so sanitation is highly compromised.


5. Bathroom Gates - Everyone uses the same handle to open or close the door, but who knows whether all hands are washed properly or not.

6. Office attendance machine - All the employees use this machine to punch their daily attendance, so it grabs most germs.

7. Parcel from delivery boy - Your online order travels from un-organized warehouses and unhygienic delivery boy, so it collects germs at all levels make everyone dirty.  


That's why we recommend to use hand sanitizer whenever you came across with any above incidents.

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