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How To Fight Against Stress and Anxiety?

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Feeling anxious or stressed?

You might need to add some vitals to your diet. 

Stress is a reaction given by your body and brain to a threat and the body reacts by discharging chemicals into the blood. If you are working or have performance-related issues that are causing stress and anxiety that could be because of Vitamin D deficiency. 

Winter is that time of the year when seasonal anxiety and stress approaches and the deficiency of this key vitamin is majorly associated with fibromyalgia patients. It is an essential vitamin for bone health, immunity, and heart health. A study has found that the majority of the population is deficient in vitamin D. 

In general, people don’t understand they are deficient due to the subtleness of the symptoms. It is quite a task to recognize the symptoms but they might put your quality of life in danger. Below discussed are some symptoms to recognize that you need more vitamin D. 

Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency 

1. Getting sick in no time

Vitamin D works to keep your immunity strong which means you are not vulnerable to viruses and infections. But, if you are getting sick too often with chronic diseases like cold and flu, you are low with vitamin D. 

2. Feeling worn out

Do you feel tired doing nothing?

Though there could be other reasons that you are tired but deficiency of vitamin D is one of them. If your vitamin D blood level is lower than 20 ng/ml you are likely to feel fatigued and tired even after doing minimal physical activities. 

3. Depression 

As discussed above, the deficiency of this key vitamin contributes to increasing your depression. So, the next time you are feeling low and you couldn’t think of a genuine reason, it could be low vitamin D. 

4. Muscle pain

Studies have shown that increasing muscle pain after a simple physical activity could be due to deficiency of this vitamin. 

How to fight the deficiency?

The deficiency can be treated by adding all the necessary foods that are rich in vitamin D. Before you start with daily supplements, check your vitamin D blood level. 

It can be measured via a blood test, 25-hydroxy-vitamin. A fat-soluble vitamin, it is found in eggs, fatty fishes like salmon and mackerel (and COD liver oil), shrimp, orange juice, fortified milk, cereal, and yogurt. Our body makes its own vitamin D as well when it is under the direct exposure to the sun which depends on the geographical location. This is the reason why winter sees a more deficient population as compared to summer. 

You can also add vitamin D supplements to your daily regimen. Health experts recommend taking vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) since vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) is available in synthetic form and is not effective. It is also suggested to take the vitamin with your large meal. 


Vitamin D deficiency is nothing new to know about but the fact that surprises many is that most of the people are unaware of being deficient. This is because the symptoms are too subtle to be ignored and hard to know. 

If you realize that you may be deficient with the vitamin, see a doctor or measure your blood levels. Increase your health benefits by understanding your body and adding foods that are rich in multiple vitamins. 

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