La Nature's Brahmi Pack of 2
Brahmi Capsules
Brahmi 500 mg | Pack of 2 - La Nature's
Brahmi 500 mg | Pack of 2
La Nature's

Brahmi 500 mg | Pack of 2

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Belonging to the community of therapeutic herbs, Brahmi has uncountable health benefits. It is usually said to be a perennial non-aromatic herb with small white flowers. Mostly grown in wet tropical regions, Brahmi can also thrive underwater.

Known for the brain-boosting properties, Brahmi stimulates the brain in terms of memory and concentration. La Nature’s Brahmi Capsules may benefit respiratory health as it provides relief during cold and accumulated mucus.

Brahmi is also known for modulating blood sugar levels and contain plenty of antioxidants that may help in boosting immunity. It may lower the stress and anxiety and improves cognitive ability in an individual.

La Nature’s prepares all the products with love and care and retains our potency for the best quality of products. La Nature’s Brahmi is also a product of our extreme care towards every individual’s health. Our advance and hygienic processing methods and 100% natural ingredients make them the finest quality products.

What you can expect?

  1. Prevents Cognitive Disorders- Brahmi, when consumed regularly, may prevent various cognitive disorders like memory loss and difficulty in concentration. Brahmi contains Bacosides compounds that help in lowering stress and thus result in a healthy brain.
  2. Respiratory Benefits- Brahmi has been used as prevention for bronchitis, chest colds, blocked nose and excess phlegm for years. It helps to relieve inflammation in the throat and provides a healthy respiratory system.
  3. Swiftly Heal Wounds- Brahmi contains active compounds that help to produce collagen in the body which is responsible for building new cells to heal wounds and also prevent early ageing signs.
  4. Gives a Peaceful Mind- Being a refreshing herb, Brahmi leads to a peaceful and calm mind. It reduces the levels of cortisol (stress-producing hormones) and makes your mind stress and anxiety-free.

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