La Nature's Tulsi Drop
Tulsi Drops 30 ml
Tulsi Drops 30 ml
Tulsi Drops 30 ml
La Nature's

Tulsi Drops 30 ml

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  1. Boosts Immunity: La Nature’s Tulsi drops consist of nutritious variants of Tulsi such as Rama, Kala, Sweet Lemon, Bisva, and Vishnu-Priya. It contains immunity supporting compounds like Methyl Chavicol, Thymol and Eugenol.
  2. Soothes Cold & Cough: Having antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, La Nature’s Tulsi Drop acts as a natural remedy for cold, cough, and flu. It may also help to relieve stress and anxiety.
  3. Numerous Health Benefits: La Nature’s Tulsi is a blend of the 5 most valuable tulsi variants. Each variant has a unique taste and aroma. However, when blended together, they create a perfectly balanced healthy infusion having numerous health benefits like reducing blood pressure and lowering the risks of respiratory disorders.
  4. Easy to Carry: La Nature’s Tulsi drops are packed in an easy to carry the bottle with a leak-proof dropper to avoid spillage. It can become an ideal travel companion.
  5. 100% Natural Ingredients: La Nature’s Panch Tulsi drops do not contain any artificial colours, flavours and chemicals. It is made up of 100% natural and edible variants. 

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