Calcium & Vitamin D3 | Pack of 2 - La Nature's
Calcium & Vitamin D3 Capsules
Calcium & Vitamin D3 Capsules
Calcium & Vitamin D3 Capsules
Calcium & Vitamin D3 Capsules
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Calcium & Vitamin D3 | Pack of 2

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  • This product contains 60 competent soft gel capsules to give you a perfect balance of elemental calcium and vitamin d3 in your body.
  • Where calcium nurtures the health of your teeth and bones, vitamin d3 contributes to the sound functioning of your immune system.
  • La Nature’s product is a daily health dosage fortified with the impeccable scientific formula to support an active lifestyle.
  • Each serving caters to 500mg of calcium carbonate and 200 I.U. of vitamin d3 to give you the perfect nutrition pinch.

La Nature’s Calcium and Vitamin D3 Capsules is a perfectly balanced blend of calcium carbonate and Vitamin D. Our body requires a high quantity of Calcium and Vitamin D every day which becomes difficult to consume due to the modern lifestyle we live. Calcium and Vitamin D are essential for a healthy body to perform better. Deficiency of Vitamin D and Calcium can cause weakening of bones and joints. When there is not enough calcium present in the blood, then the body starts taking calcium from the bones which is the main cause behind weakened bones. La Nature’s Calcium & Vitamin D3 softgel capsule is an advanced formula capsule prepared to complete the daily requirements of calcium and vitamin D in your body. Complete care has been taken care of the hygiene and quality of the product while manufacturing. Vitamin D in the body ensures that the calcium must be absorbed in the body properly. It may also help in relieving hypertension. The carbonate form of calcium supports healthy bones, joints, and teeth.

How to take it

  • Take two capsules daily to ensure the optimal functioning of your nerves, cells, bones, and muscles.
  • The best time is to take it before breakfast and with dinner.

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