Garlic Powder Pack of 2
Garlic Powder Pack of 2
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Garlic Powder | 90g x 2 | Pack of 2

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La Nature’s Garlic powder is prepared from dehydrated garlic that has a less rough taste and distinctly different flavour. It might be used with several delicacies like pasta, pizza, toppings for popcorns, etc. It may also be used as a dry rub for meats for different meals as well as a wonderful seasoning for curries. Garlic may strengthen the immune system and may help you keep your digestive system healthier. It is a key source of various vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. La Nature’s gives utmost care to the quality and hygiene standards of the products from manufacturing to the packaging process. It is our aspiration to offer the widest possible range of healthcare products to the consumers with the best quality.

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