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Ginseng Multivitamins
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Ginseng Multivitamins
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Ginseng Multivitamins
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Ginseng Multivitamins

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La Nature’s Ginseng Multivitamin is a unique blend of Ginseng extract and several essential nutrients having numerous health benefits. A perfect combination of elemental calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin C, vitamins A with Ginseng extract may benefit your muscle and brain health. La Nature’s Ginseng Multivitamin Softgels may enhance physical stamina and reduces tiredness and fatigue. It may support better immunity as it may help to fight against common infections. Ginseng contains two essential active compounds named ginsenosides and gintonin. These compounds fudge together to boost the energy levels of the body. Elemental calcium, also referred to as calcium phosphate may result in improved bone and joint health. Calcium may also make your teeth strong. All other vital nutrients present in La Nature’s Ginseng Multivitamins may fulfill the daily requirements of minerals and vitamins in the body and never let you feel tired. La Nature’s Ginseng Multivitamins may support your internal organs to ensure overall healthy well-being. It may also enhance mental alertness and help in relieving stress.

  • Specially formulated La Nature’s Ginseng and Multivitamin containing 60 fast active soft gel capsules to give you a daily dosage of energy and boost your stamina.
  • The goodness of ginseng extracts and multivitamins helps drop-off stress, anxiety, and uplifts your mental focus.
  • Enriched with active antioxidants, it roots out free radicals from your cells and diminishes the possibility of heart disease.
  • Its immune-boosting nutrition fight-off health problems and seasonal illness. 

How to take it

Take 1 capsule daily with a glass of water after your breakfast or as prescribed by your healthcare professional. 

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